Classic Choro trail (TTCHORO)

Code: TTCHORO Duration: 3 days
Price: Upon reques
Single Room Supplement: Upon request
Technical Difficulty:
Accommodation Type:
Trek Type:
Bolivia / Cordillera Real & Yungas
Duration Days: 3
Duration Nights: 2 nights camping
Suggested Seasons: Autumn - Winter - Spring

This trek has become very popular since in only three days concentrates the most interesting landscapes between the mountains of Cordillera Real - when crossing the first (and only) mountain pass -, and the cloud forest called Yungas.

An impressive descent of almost 3.500 vertical meters (2.200 miles), will allow you to appreciate an amazing variety of landscapes through this microclimatic zone, actually part of the Cotapata National Park.

A great part of the trail is stone-paved since ancient pre-Hispanic times, actually we are following and ancient commercial route used to extract coca-leaves, fruits, feathers, wood and exotic animals from the Yungas trade with products of the highlands like: beans, Llama dry salty meat (Charque), fish and potatoes from the highlands.

Nowadays we begin this hike at "La Cumbre" mountain pass, but originally is was linked to the valleys of La Paz, the highlands and the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Optionally and with a little extra charge, we can drop you off in Coroico town.

Short Itinerary

Day 1.- Transport to La Cumbre. Trek to Challapampa. Camp.
Day 2.- Trek to Qusilluni. Camp.
Day 3.- Trek to Chairo. Transport to La Paz.


  • Splendid views of mountain landscape.
  • Choro trek down to the cloud forest called Yungas; an amazing descent of almost 3500m!
  • Trekking within the boundaries of Cotapata National Park.
  • 3 days of trekking (41km total distance).


Services Included

  • Meals mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Full land transportation during the trip.
  • Common camping equipment: 3 season tents, dinning and kitchen tents & tableware.
  • Bilingual guide during the trip.
  • Luggage transportation with porters and/or animals (15 kg/33 lb per person max weight).
  • Cook when camping.
  • National Park entrance fees.


Services Not Included

  • Transfers IN/OUT to airports.
  • International & local flight tickets & fees.
  • Meals while in La Paz, Copacabana and other main cities.
  • Hotel accommodation in La Paz.
  • Personal camping equipment: sleeping bag, mattress, headlamps, and clothing.
  • Insurance of any kind.
  • Any expense due to a rescue operation (rescuers fee, transportation, or medical cost).

Day to day details

Day 1. Transport to La Cumbre. Trek to Challapampa. Camp.

Our vehicle will take us from La Paz to the mountain pass of La Cumbre; from the trailhead we will start descending this valley we will get to our campsite located in a beautiful meadow just below the tree line and at the shores of a sparkling river. On the way we will pass by the picturesque Andean village of Chucura (also called Achura). 

Overnight: Camping

Day Elevations: 

La Paz: 3,650m (11,972ft)
La Cumbre: 4,871m (15,977ft)
Challapampa: 2,830m (9,282ft)


Driving: 1Hr (25km)
Walking 5-6Hrs (15km)



Day 2. Trek to Buena Vista. Camp.

The stone-paved trail we follow today through thick forest and traversing steep mountain slopes is one of the best preserved pieces or art in road engineering, part of our legacy from ancient pre-Inca cultures; most likely built during the Tiwanaco period. After crossing Chucura river near the little settlement of Choro, the trail start steeply ascending towards an aerial ridge with amazing views. Our campsite will be located in one of the few sections of the trail wide enough to host some tents; superb views of the Huarinilla valley.

Overnight: Camping

Day Elevations: 

Buena Vista: 2,147m (7,042ft)


Walking 5-6Hrs (13km)



Day 3. Trek to Chairo. Transport to La Paz.

Today we will mostly traverse a long route up and down, during the day the heat, vegetation and, unfortunately, the mosquitoes, increase in strength. Out campsite will be located in Sandillani where Tajimi Tanamura - an Elder Japanese hermit - used to live but unfortunately passed away on Sep/2014. We will arrive relatively early to our campsite, so we will have plenty of time to enjoy this beautiful area, take a wash, rest and breath rich air after so many days in the highlands. A steep descent will take us to the trailhead at the village of Chairo, on the way we will pass various plantations of coca, citrus fruits and coffee. Our vehicle will then take us towards La Paz or - with an additional cost - drop you off at Coroico.

Overnight: None

Day Elevations: 

Chairo 1,280m (4,198ft)
La Cumbre 4,700m (15,416ft)
La Paz 3,650m (11,972ft)


Walking 5-6Hrs (13km)
Driving: 3-4Hrs (114km)