Hunt the Treasure

We have an extensive list of undone trips waiting to be explored but lack of time but mainly the budget prevented us from doing them. We are publishing this chapter in our website in the hope to convince some of our clients to share costs and get involved in a real exploration adventure to some of the last unexplored sport of Bolivia.

Unfortunately this type of trips are not for anyone, whoever interested MUST fulfill the following requisites. He or she MUST:

  • be fit, in good physical shape and have endurance.
  • have a solid expedience either climbing or trekking .
  • be a person with a strong will and determination.
  • be cooperative and willing to share responsibilities with the rest of the team.
  • have a flexible attitude to accept the limitations of this kind of trips, and to accept the unexpected situations that are an inherent part of a not-previously-made trip.

Please consider the following:

  • On our commercial we explore and plan a new route intensively before offering it to our clientele. Actually, by the time we put any given trip in our website, we domain the route, we have reach to an agreement with local communities, and we contract staff that is very familiar with the area.
  • On the contrary, in “Hunt the Treasure” trips, we have never done the route and there is no guarantee that we will be able to finish the planned itinerary. Clients must carry their stuff and share duties as part of the team.

Of course, we plan the trip in detail studying maps (i.e. paper maps, google Earth, etc) asking to the locals, and of course relying in our personal experience. There is always a backup plan and we may be carrying satellite phones in case of an emergency.  

Please contact us to get information about the potential unexplored trekking or 4WD routes, and unclimbed peaks:
  • MOUNTAINEERING. Unclimbed snow capped peaks and rock climbing routes in remote mountain ranges of Bolivia, Peru, Chile or Argentina.
  • TREKKING. Unexplored or - long time ago - abandon ancient trails
  • 4WD Journeys. Lots of mining roads in the mountainous areas or secondary tracks linking forgotten communities in the Andean highlands.

We invite our clientele to consider joining us in one of these real-adventure trips, a unique opportunity to explore like in the old times.

Please contact us via email or using the “Customized trips” form if you are interested.