Photo Tours

There are thousands of photogenic and beautiful places around the world and Bolivia has many such places.

The “plus” in Bolivia is that there are many different environments from the lush jungles to the glacier covered mountains and from the high cold deserts to the green Andean valleys. Each one with different ethnics groups, cultures and biodiversities. And the best of all, they are not far from each other.

Being photographers ourselves, we know the needs and expectations of both amateur and professionals. A photo trip cannot be organized like a normal sightseeing tour: the timing and the locations are quite different. With hundreds of locations you have to tell us which are your interests, your expectations or what is your specialty and we will mount the best itinerary for you.

For several years now, we have been organizing photo-oriented trip for our clientele and providing logistics to photographers & filming teams; including BBC and National Geographic.

Please contact us using the Customized trips, so we can send you a tailor made itinerary and quotation with your special request.