Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully all of our Terms & Conditions before signing for any trip with Andean Summits.

1. Services reservations & confirmation.

A Reservation Form and a Liability Waiver has to be sent in order to reserve and confirm any services with Andean Summits including: scheduled, private or tailor-made trips, or any other services (i.e. hotel reservations, transfers).

Set date departure trips are confirmed with a minimum of four people booked, bookings close one month before departure date.

To confirm any reservation we ask a $us 300 advance payment. Balance has to be paid not later than one month prior to departure, otherwise a late payment fine of $us 100 will be charged. All of our prices are given in American dollars and are per person.

For all payments we accept: cash, Visa and Master credit cards (not America Express) or bank transfers to our bank account. We do not take traveler checks.

2. Trip cancellations and Refunds

To cancel a reservation or to cancel a confirmed trip or part of it, we must receive a written cancellation notice.

In the case that you have already made an Advance Payment, there is a non-refundable administrative cost of $us 100 per person. Because most of the trip costs are already spent far in advance of the dates of departure, we will provide refunds according to the following schedule; a cancellation received:

  • 60 days before departure date, we will refund the balance.
  • 31 to 59 days before departure date, refund 50% of the balance.
  • 15 to 30 days before departure date, refund 25% of the balance.
  • 14 days or less before departure date, no refund of any kind.

Due to the nature of operating in remote wilderness and international destinations, ANDEAN SUMMITS reserves the right to cancel totally or partially any trip prior to departure for any of the following reasons: insufficient signing, extremely bad weather conditions, social unrest, any logistical problem which may prevent the safe and efficient running of the trip. In such cases, ANDEAN SUMMITS is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the group member in preparation for any trips run by ANDEAN SUMMITS.

3. Changes to the itinerary

ANDEAN SUMMITS operates the trips in a flexible manner allowing our guides to change the itinerary whenever this is possible and only after the suggestion and/or in a common agreement with all the clients.

In the case that changes in the itinerary increase the cost of the trip, clients will have to sign an “addendum” to the present contract agreeing to pay all extra costs.

4. Insurance

We do not provide insurance of any kind in our prices; therefore, we highly recommend our clientele to purchase an “Insurance package protection plan” including: Trip cancellation/Interruption, Travel Delay, Baggage/Travel Documents Protection, Accident and Sickness, Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Repatriation of Remains, Rescue Operations, and any other policy consider useful.

By signing our Booking Form you are authorizing us to: arrange a rescue operation, and to provide emergency assistance in the case that you are injured or ill and that all the expenses will be refund to Andean Summits either by your insurance company or yourself. ANDEAN SUMMITS will not be responsible for any costs incurred by passengers for such circumstances.

5. Responsibility of Andean Summits

ANDEAN SUMMITS do not assume responsibility or liability howsoever caused for any injury, loss, damage, delay, mental trauma to any person or property resulting directly or indirectly from natural disasters, annoyance, delays and expenses resulting from quarantine, strikes, detention, thefts, pilferage, superior force, failure of conveyance to arrive and/or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, acts of god, discrepancies or change in transit and other circumstances over which ANDEAN SUMMITS has no control. We reserve the right to change itineraries, if circumstances beyond our control prevent ANDEAN SUMMITS from continuing the trip in a safe and efficient manner. We reserve the right to alter or cancel any trip due to facts that may endanger passengers and /or staff, sickness, political climate or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

ANDEAN SUMMITS agrees to operate the trip planned to supplying a good service as detailed on the itinerary, unless the facts listed above happen to be.

The guide or trip leader reserves the right to ask a participant not to continue further on the trip if that person is (or may become) a health hazard or who might prove to be a risk to himself/herself or others.

Full or partial refund of any monies received by ANDEAN SUMMITS, transfers to another similar trip, or credits towards a future trip, will be considered depending of the case.

6. Responsibility of Trip Participants

Any person participating in a trip with ANDEAN SUMMITS must understand:

  • That adventure travel involves certain risks and dangers that are an integral part of the nature of the trips and o travel conditions and that accept them as a part of the reason for his/her participation on the trip.
  • That acknowledges that is taking part of activities that could be dangerous to his/her health and even his/her o live and that accidents are a possibility that my happen.
  • That is co-responsible to other trip members and to ANDEAN SUMMITS staff.
  • That assumes the need to be in adequate health for such activity.
  • That is responsible for bringing the proper equipment and clothing necessary for the trip as stated in the equipment list.
  • That is responsible for their own basic hygiene in order to prevent diseases, adopting precautious behavior o patterns when traveling.
  • That understands he/she should take an adequate acclimatization process, and that Andean Summits do not o take responsibility for clients who are unable to finish a trip or get sick due to improper acclimatization procedures.
  • That is aware he/she will not have any illegal drugs on my person or in my possession when partaking in any o part of any ANDEAN SUMMITS trips.
  • That understand that the laws that apply are those of that country is visiting, not the country of which they are o citizens.

In the case that a client has a medical condition, will be taking medication or are going to be under medical treatment during the trip, it is responsible to have his/her medication handy, to use them properly and to follow his/her doctor prescription. It is advisable to let ANDEAN SUMMITS know about any medical condition, so the guide could help given the case. This under no circumstances makes ANDEAN SUMMITS responsible for the client’s health.

On climbing trips, ANDEAN SUMMITS reserves the right to evaluate our clients experience and use part of the time in the mountains to provide a basic training, after which our guide may suggest a change in the plans if average experience of the members of the group is not adequate for the trip’s main goal.