Uyuni salt flats (4WUYUNI)

Code: 4WUYUNI Duration: 3 days
Price: Upon request
Single Room Supplement: Upon request
Technical Difficulty:
Accommodation Type:
Trek Type:
Bolivia / Uyuni
Duration Days: 3
Duration Nights: 2 nights in hotels
Suggested Seasons: Autumn - Winter - Spring

The largest salt concentration in the world, originally called Tunupa salt flats by locals before the foundation of Uyuni Town in 1889, the Uyuni salt flats is a nature wonder. This huge 150 km width concentration of salt is one of the most impressive landscapes in the world. Located at an altitude of 3,653m (11,981ft) and with very low rain precipitation (100 to 325 mm per year), this is one of the driest areas in the Bolivian territory, a very delicate and unique ecosystem.

Although this is a high altitude desert that receives little precipitation, every rainy season - especially during the really wet years of “La Niña” -, the lake gets flooded with water flowing from the surrounding mountains. When this happened, the lake turn into a huge mirror that reflects and duplicates all the landscape, one of the most astonishing wonders of the nature. Unfortunately crossing the lake when flooded can be dangerous and sometimes impossible, which is why we slightly change the route when this happed.

This program have been developed to visit the Uyuni salt flats starting from La Paz and in the shortest time possible; spending two long driving days to get in and out but exploring calmly the lake and its surroundings in two full days. We spend one of the nights at “Luna Salada” (salty moon), the best accommodation in the region where all walls and pillars are completely built with salt bricks, the whole floor is covered with granulated salt and even the tables and chairs are made with salt. The other night will be spend in a charming hostel.

Short Itinerary

Day 1. Transport to Uyuni salt flat. Hotel.
Day 2. Transport to Colchani. Hotel.
Day 3. Transport to La Paz.


  • Unforgettable journey exploring in depth Uyuni salt flats, its island and surroundings; a unique experience of bizarre surrealistic landscape.
  • Sightseeing the Bolivian highlands in the way in and out to the lake.
  • 1360km total distance covered.

Services Included

  • Meals mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Full land transportation during the trip.
  • Hotel accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Bilingual guide during the trip.
  • Luggage transportation in the vehicle (20 kg/44 lb per person max weight).
  • National Park entrance fees.

Services Not Included

  • International & local flight tickets & fees.
  • Transfers IN/OUT to airports.
  • Meals & accommodation while in La Paz and other main cities.
  • Insurance of any kind.
  • Any expense due to a rescue operation (rescuers fee, transportation, or medical cost).

Day to day details

Day 1. Transport to Uyuni salt flat. Hotel.

After traversing the northern highlands, we will pass by the city of Oruro and later contour Popoo lagoon heading towards Tawa town located on the northern shores of Uyuni salt flats. Certainly we will be amazed of the size and expand of Uyuni salt lake, actually the largest salt concentration in the planet. There we will stay in a hotel mostly built with salt bricks.

Overnight: Hotel de Sal Tayka

Day Elevations: 

El Alto: 4,100m (13,450ft)
Uyuni: 3,665m (12,021ft)


Driving: 9-10 Hrs (550km)



Day 2. Transport to Colchani. Hotel.

Today we will spend almost all the day exploring Uyuni salt lake and enjoying the wild landscape that surrounds the salt lake with its colored volcanoes. Once at the Uyuni Salt Flats, we will navigate over the rock hard salt. In the midst of the Salar's blinding sea of white (take sunglasses!) there exist several solid rock and earth islands each having distinct flora and fauna. We will visit one of them called “Fishback” island where we will hike to a spectacular viewpoint. After having lunch somewhere in the middle of the salt lake, we will head south towards Colchani (meaning the place of the salt). Near to this town, located on top on a small hill, we will arrive to our unique hotel mostly made of salt blocks.

Overnight: Hotel Luna Salada

Day Elevations: 

Colchani: 3,677m (12,061ft)


Driving: 5-6 Hrs (130km)



Day 3. Transport to La Paz.

The road to La Paz traverses interesting highland landscape; the northern Altiplano that we will traverse is the most fertile part off the highlands and one of the most populated areas. 

Overnight: None

Day Elevations: 

El Alto: 4,100m (13,450ft)
La Paz: 3,650m (11,972ft) 


Driving: 8-10 Hrs (558km)