Mountaineering School

If you would like to learn climbing techniques while having a lifetime experience in some of the most remote and pristine landscapes of South America, then join one of our Mountaineering School programs.

From experience, we know that although most of our clients prefer to have a guide who lead the route to the summit, many of them would appreciate learning and improving their climbing skills during their holidays.

Although all of our mountaineering trips include some training (cramponing and ice axe techniques) during the first days on the mountain, the truth is that there is not enough time for formal instruction, and during the trip you will still rely on the guide to tell you what to do.

After having received professional instruction ourselves and after having taught innumerable courses, we have developed our own climbing school.

Our compromise is to make your trip worthwhile not only for the places you will visit and the people you will meet, but also for the knowledge you will acquire through our demanding courses that have been organized based on our own experience as professional mountain guides.

Our instructors have been trained either by the German Alpine Club (Deutschen Alpenvereins, DAV) or the Chamonix climbing and ski school (ENSA). As members of the Bolivian Mountain Guides Association, we have received the certification of the International Mountain Guides Association (IMGA, UIAGM, IVBV).

At the end of the school program, you will have the basic knowledge of the mountaineering techniques, from walking in all types of terrain and rock climbing, to snow and ice climbing techniques and glacier travel. To top it all, we will climb a high altitude mountain of at least 6000m (19680ft).