Trekking Peaks

Who said technical mountaineering skills were needed to get to high altitude summits?. That is not true in the Andean western (volcanic) mountain range, one of the most remote regions of South America between the Atacama Desert and the Uyuni salt flats. Opposed to "Mountaineering Expeditions", "Trekking Peaks" do not require technical experience. Although summit-days may be long and strenuous, no glacier traversing, crevasse crossing or steep ice climbing is required.

Ancient people didn’t only walked valleys and highlands, sometimes they dared to climb “easy” mountains (mostly volcanoes) to approach and try to please Gods with sacrifices. Archaeologist like Johan Reinhard found human and animal mummies in really high summits, the oldest of tem almost 1000 years old. The highest archaeological site located on top of Llullaillaco volcano at the impressive elevation of 6739m.

We organize “trekking peaks” programs to some of this sacred volcanoes; an adventurous activity that allow anyone properly acclimatized to ascend to some of the highest volvanoes in southamerica without requiring mayor technical skills. Actually we almost never use ropes or any other technical gear during these trips.

In most of our Trekking Peaks expeditions, we ascend (mostly hike) the main volcanoes of the region, namely: Tunupa, Ollague, Acotango, Tapaquilcha, Uturuncu, Llicancahur, Sairecabur, Putana, Guallatire, Aucanquilcha, San Pedro, San Pablo, Llullaillaco, Ojos del Salado, and many more.

Probably all these names don’t mean much to you or maybe you have heard about some of them, but the most important thing to know is that with proper acclimatization they are feasible for most of the people. Some of these volcanoes even have abandoned roads of old sulphur mines that can be hiked almost to their summits in one-day journeys.

Bolivian Trekking Peaks (TPCONDACOT)

Suitable for most trekkers, this non-technical trekking-peak trip has been designed for those who want to have an extraordinary experience climbing some of the easiest 6000’ers in Bolivia and the planet but without all the hustle of dealing with ropes and technical gear and experienced.