Mountain Biking

One of the most popular ways of transportation in the highlands and valleys is the bicycle. Local Indigenous carry everything on their bikes from 40kg potato bags or the animal they just bought in a nearby market. Sometimes the entire family travels on-board; the husband pedaling, the wife (who’s carrying a baby in her back) side sitting on the crossbar and the children on the carriers behind the seat. Very often two friends share one single bicycle riding it in turns; the first one rides the bike for a while, leave it on the trail side until the other one arrives on food and take the bike for its turn.

Hence, bike trails are very common in the highlands, very often parallel on the side of roads but sometimes crossing wide expanses called “pampas”.

Downhill mountain biking in Bolivia has became very popular lately among tourist, mainly following a secondary road known as “The world’s most dangerous road”, other popular downhill routes are: Chacaltaya Mountain, Zongo valley, and Sorata valley. Nevertheless, these are just few examples since the options are endless.

Downhill mountain biking can be a really fun experience, especially for those who love speed and are looking for a good rush of adrenaline. Across all this land and thanks to an intensive mining and agricultural activity, we have a large net of roads and trails connecting all possible landscapes you can imagine. In this varied land, riding a mountain bike can be an extraordinary and adventurous experience.

One of these extraordinary landscapes is Lake Titicaca where there are lots of dirty roads contouring the shores of the lake, most of this roads are in good shape for a bike and are not as steep as the roads down to the Yungas. Riding in these roads or trails can be an interesting way to get acclimatized for the altitude (i.e. you want to trek or climb in the mountains).

For the ones who really love mountain biking, we have multiday trips assisted with a 4WD vehicle to enjoy riding in amazing landscapes like: Lake Titicaca or the Uyuni salt flats and surroundings.

We invite you to join the 4WD journey that more suits your expectations or to send us your ideas, so we can help you design your own trip visit National Parks, archaeological sites and amazing landscapes.